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Areas of Expertise: Operational Readiness

Country: Latin America and The Caribbean: Trinidad & Tobago

Project management services were provided by LEAPP for the commissioning of a new passenger terminal designed for 5 million annual passengers at the Piarco International Airport, Trinidad. A review of the completion progress was done and the critical events for commissioning and transfer were determined. A risk assessment for failure of critical systems was undertaken and manual back-up for areas in which major failure could occur were designed.


Areas of Expertise: Operational Readiness

Country: Arab States: United Arab Emirates

As part of the process of developing a major new international airport, LEAPP was commissioned to manage the entire operational readiness programme to ensure that the facility can be opened for operations upon completion.  The process has involved coordinating all of the various stakeholders and government agencies, managing change management within the Dubai DCA and Dubai Airports organisations to prepare for operations at the new airport, ensuring that construction works have been completed to an acceptable level of readiness for operations, and to prepare all of the necessary documentation for certification and licensing by the civil aviation regulator for the United Arab Emirates. LEAPP not only conducted ORAT for the ATC, but also for the Control Centre and managed coordination of ATC between the two airport, Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport. LEAPP has provided professional staff on site for the project to cover all of the required coordination disciplines necessary to ensure a smooth achievement of operational readiness, and has managed the on-site staff to ensure proper coordination of all areas of development.  In addition, the LEAPP staff have prepared all of the necessary documentation such as Aerodrome Manual, Safety Management System, Emergency Plan and Wildlife Plan required for certification purposes.

In addition to this, a comprehensive trials programme was planned, directed and managed by LEAPP to test all areas of the airport so as to validate the airport design and processes, and provide the Dubai Civil Aviation Department with the confidence that the elements of the airport under test are ready for operations. The trials were also used as a reinforcement tool for the training programme for airport staff.


Areas of Expertise: Operational Readiness

Country: Arab States: United Arab Emirates

LEAPP was appointed by the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation to provide programme management services for Dual Runway Implementation at Dubai International Airport. LEAPP is responsible for liaising with all identified stakeholders having an interest or tasks to perform in the Runway Implementation Programme, to enable dual runway operations. One of the main tasks in the project is to develop and consolidate project schedule for the Runway Implementation Programme, with breakdowns of activities and assigned responsibilities to each stakeholders within the durations required, as well as dependencies between activities, major milestones and critical path timeline. As the project progresses, LEAPP provided the necessary technical advise to support the stakeholder activities and implementation as well as planned for contingency measures in case of possible issues or delay.

As part of the process of obtaining approval from the regulator for civil aviation in the UAE, a safety case was required to identify hazards arising from the proposed operations on the re-configured runway. Under Phase 3 it is proposed by DCA that the North Runway (Runway 12L/30R) would be closed for maintenance for extended periods of time on each day, over a period of 6 weeks.  All traffic using the North Runway would be shifted to the South Runway, and the South Runway would be required to operate as a single runway, accommodating mixed mode operations during those times. LEAPP prepared the safety case assessment which included hazard identification and risk assessment to establish whether the proposed operations would be within tolerable safety limits.

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