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gained in over 56 countries, on over 118 international, regional and community airports, and airfields.

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Areas of Expertise: Air Transport Planning

Country: Asia and the Pacific: Australia

LEAPP was engaged by Sunshine Coast Regional Council to prepare air traffic forecasts that would relate to the development of a new, longer, runway at the airport.  The forecasting was based on a future potential for the airport to develop a new runway that would permit, not only local east coast services, but also connections to other parts of Australia and especially to Asian destinations.  The aim of the new runway is, partly to enable a 45m wide runway to be constructed to establish a compliance for the existing Code 4C aircraft operations, but also to enable operation into the Sunshine Coast Airport of large Code 4E aircraft types (up to B777) serving destinations in SE Asia, China and the Middle East, with the objective of increasing market penetration for potential tourist traffic for the Sunshine Coast region generally.


Areas of Expertise: Aviation Strategic Planning, Airport Master Planning, Air Transport Planning

Country: Asia and the Pacific: Bhutan

LEAPP was appointed by the Asian Development Bank to carry out a study to investigate opportunities to enhance air transport connectivity between Bhutan and its regional neighbours, and within Bhutan, to increase tourism and realise economic and social benefits.  LEAPP studied the international and domestic airports and identified upgrading projects to improve these airports in terms of safety and capacity.  Upgrading and expansion projects were prioritized and evaluated in financial and economic terms for investment by the ADB and other investors.  The outcome of the project is to identify and plan airport improvements to accommodate unconstrained long-term air traffic demand, yet still provide a framework for phased development to meet capacity, operational safety, security, efficiency & service requirements, while ensuring environmental, social, economic, commercial, and financial objectives are also met.


Areas of Expertise: Aviation Strategic Planning, Airport Master Planning, Air Transport Planning

Country: Europe and North America: Canada

As part of a broad study, LEAPP determined the provincial Government policy towards the support of the regional airports of the Toronto Area. Studies were made of the roles and capabilities of the regional airports and their international, regional, domestic, general and business aviation uses.

During the study LEAPP determined the ability of each site to expand and serve a wider role. The Company established which of the airports should be encouraged to develop to serve the commercial business and general aviation needs of the region. The study included traffic forecasting and assignment analysis, airport site reviews, airport master planning, and defined the required capital works needed to serve a longer term traffic need.


Areas of Expertise: Airport Master Planning, Air Transport Planning

Country: Asia and the Pacific: Lao PDR

The study included a detailed review of the physical and operational aspects of the Louangphrabang Airport, and also developed the Airport Master Plan and preliminary design for upgrading works to be funded under Chinese Government assistance. In this regard, the project was required to assess and analyse the air transport system serving Laos, particularly the Louangphrabang Airport, and determine the future air transport requirements in terms of aircraft accessibility, routes, services and future aircraft types to be served.  Based on this, a new air traffic forecast was prepared for Laos, which was then distilled down to determine the traffic demand (passengers, cargo and aircraft movements) for the airport itself.  The air transport analysis performed for this project, then enabled the physical and operational requirements for upgrading the airport to enable greater air transport connectivity and enhanced tourism access to the country.


Areas of Expertise: Aviation Strategic Planning, Air Transport Planning

Country: Africa: Mauritius

LEAPP provided specialist services for the air sector component of a national transport strategy for Mauritius. LEAPP reviewed all aspects of air transport in Mauritius, including international and domestic air service links and policy, airport status and requirements and civil aviation administration.  In addition, LEAPP assessed needs and advised on air sector development strategy.  Work included a review of all aspects of air transport in Mauritius, including international and domestic air service links and policy, air navigation and airports infrastructure. The status, requirements and proposed development plans for the International Airport and domestic airports on Rodrigues Island and other islands of Mauritius were studied and assessed as to their adequacy. A proposal by the Chinese government to develop a new international airport on Mauritius Island was investigated, along with an assessment of the ultimate capacity and capability for expansion of Sir Seewoosegur Ramgoolam International Airport as the international airport for Mauritius.  A development plan for expanding the airport at Plaine Coreil on Rodrigues Island to open this up for longer haul air services was also evaluated.  The ATC development requirements were reviewed including implementation of the CNS/ATM concept.  An airport development strategy was devised to determine both near and long term capital needs for the development of the National Air Sector.

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